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I have 9 years of professional experience designing and building applications. I’ve worked in 2 person teams, a small company of 50, and most recently a multinational company of over 800 employees. I am an accomplished visual designer, and a rigorous UX designer.

I’ve done just about everything a designer can do in a career, from identity creation to designing a custom icon set. I often facilitate workshops on user centered design and lead project meetings in order to align teams on design trajectory. I’ve managed stakeholders at ever level of an organization, often working very closely with the CEO or board of directors.

My design skills, as with most things in life, are best delivered in a bullet list:

  • Lean UX
  • User centered design (UCD)
  • Interaction Design
  • Interface Design
  • Designing for delight
  • Experimentation (Analytics)
  • Sketching and Illustration
  • Culture shifts

I know my way around development, having designed and coded on projects using just about every technology stack imaginable.

  • Java, PHP, Python, .NET, Cocoa, Node.JS, etc.
  • Native apps (OSX, Windows, Android, iOS)


2011 – Atlassian

Design lead for Bitbucket.org. Redesigned an entire web application of over 70 views and workflows. Optimized signup funnels to help reach a user base of  over 1 million worldwide. Implemented Lean UX methodologies to change a  developer driven culture to adopt design thinking.

2009 – Palo Alto Software

UX lead for LivePlan, a business planning SaaS product. Designed a complete user experience from the ground up, involving complex financial controls and document editing/publishing.

2008 – EPIC

Designed and coded various educational web apps. Created an identity for a network of tools giving them a unified look and feel. Clients ranged from organizations at the state, national and international level. I was also a system administrator and was responsible for moving a data center.

2007 – University of Oregon

Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Arts.

2006 – GEAR UP

Developed content for a bilingual site and managed MySQL databases. I also maintained a legacy custom CMS in PHP.


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