Bitbucket: 1 Million Users

I had the pleasure of designing a limited edition commemorative shirt to celebrate Bitbucket reaching 1 million users.


Mac Tonic

Mac Tonic is an apple repair/retail shop in Eugene. They approached me with a tight deadline: redesign their site and launch before students return to campus in 3 weeks. They wanted a site that would show off their quirky/fun side, while remaining a reliable source for all things apple. It also had to display perfectly on mobile devices. The end product was very successful!



LivePlan is a web application that guides people in writing a business plan. It also aids in managing various aspects of their entrepreneurial endeavors. Myself and team of about ten developers launched LivePlan in 2011. I was responsible for the visual, experience and interaction design.


New Logo

One of my first projects with Atlassian was rebranding/redesigning an app called SourceTree.

This started as a 20% project focused on the dock icon redesign. People liked it and the project gained momentum into a full website redesign as well.


The redesign of Bitbucket was a huge milestone for Atlassian and for myself. It represented a declaration to the world that they care deeply about design, experience, and usability — and that they trusted me to drive it forward. I was personally responsible for each of the 70+ pages in the application. This meant everything from sketching, wire framing, prototyping, user testing, and ultimately the pixel perfect design.