Working remotely from Portland

AuthorJoel Unger
8. January 2014

A new year in a new place! I’ve decided to go back home to Oregon and explore the city I grew up next to. My home office is still in San Francisco, which means I’m working remotely and learning a new routine. In order to stay focused and maintain some rigor in my schedule, I’ve been starting off my days going to a coffee shop after morning standup.

Remote work seems like living the dream! It isn’t all easy — setting expectations and maintaining constant communication got a lot harder. I’m relying heavily on video chats to stay current with my teams, so having solid internet and multiple chat tools is a must. If I drop because of spotty wifi, I look like a burden.

I’m still exploring the best tools for collaborative design, but so far things are going well using Confluence and sketching. I’m excited for what 2014 holds, and I’m even more excited to reveal what I’ve been working on behind the scenes. All in due time.